Background Info

Tufts licenses the cloud version of GitHub Enterprise. There is no on-prem option.

See also: Tufts GitHub FAQ.

For those interested in Tufts SSO integration with GitHub:
IMPORTANT: GitHub handles Single Sign-On (SSO) differently than most other services. GitHub SAML SSO does not create new accounts for users; Tufts users will first create a personal GitHub account, and then link their external SAML identity with their existing GitHub account.

GitHub also offers the following documentation to get started and learn more about using it.

Getting Started

Create a User Account

  • Create your personal GitHub user account at  

  • You can also link your personal GitHub user account by adding your Tufts email address ( to your current account. Depending on which Tufts resources you need to access, you may or may not have an invite. If you have an invite, this email address must match the invitation. 

  • Alternatively, you can create a new GitHub user account with your Tufts email address if you wish to keep accounts separate.  

  • After logging into your GitHub personal account, follow the links below to the Tufts Organization you want to join, and authenticate with your Tufts credentials.

Connect to Tufts Organizations

First, use one of the links below to SSO authenticate to your organization. After you’ve joined your organization, click your profile pic in the upper right, go to Settings > SSH and GGP Keys. Assuming you upload an ssh public key to your account, you must also click the drop-down menu Configure SSO to authorize your ssh key for use within the organization.

  • Tufts University: Faculty, Staff, Students, and Tufts Affiliates can access the Tufts University organization by using their Tufts credentials to login to 

  • TTS: Tufts Technology Services Staff (TTS) should use this organization by logging in to .

Connecting Your git Client

  • You may use any git client you wish. Some recommended options include:

Additional Info: